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Most cleaning services try to get away with vacuuming those hard to reach areas. They may get away with it for a while; but after a few weeks, you will notice a buildup of lent hairs on the neglected areas. If this continues, lent will build up to a point of obvious discoloration on your floor. Our high powered vacuums are designed to tackle those hard to reach areas that other cleaning services over look.

Our History                               

Outlaw’s Cleaning Service formerly known as Automatic O & E Cleaning service LLc is one of the most reliable and consistent cleaning service in the industry today. Furthermore, we believe that taking pride in our work performance will produce quality, controlled cleaning that we can proudly stand behind later. We have been in the cleaning business for over ten years. Although it is not as long as other cleaning services, we take great pride in our exceptional reputation for quality service. We implement final inspections after every job is completed to make sure that the final clean is met at the expectations of our clients. We are proud to say that in 2006 one of our clients, Gold’s gym, was named the cleanest company in Conyers, Ga.  by the Rockdale Citizen.

Our Mission

Is to provide our clients with professional, dependable and quality service that will make them recommend us to other businesses. To dedicate ourselves 100 percent to each client and to provide outstanding services at unbeatable prices.


Sanitation is considered a necessity in the workplace. Research has shown that office desks contains 400 times more germs than a public restroom, which leads to one office employee taking up to seven sick days per year. This can be prevented by using a janitorial service that focuses on preventing germs from spreading. The workforce is very competitive, and appearance means everything. In most cases, a clean and germ free work environment could create more clients at the business, which equals more revenue for the company. Every office employee has their own “pet peeve” about cleanliness around their work area. For this reason, Outlaw’s Automatic Cleaning discusses your business needs before we enter into an agreement.  Furthermore, we provide a family-oriented atmosphere that gives our clients the freedom to contact us with any cleaning service request, without having to wait for immediate results. While other cleaning services focus more on speed, speed, speed; we aim our focus on how we can improve and maintain our client’s desired work environment.

Our services include clients in a variety of industries.


Our Experience

In the cleaning industry, experience says a lot. Most of our employees have over 20 years of commercial cleaning under their belt. We thoroughly train each new employee at the job site before leaving them in the driver’s seat to care for our clients’ businesses. Moreover, we learn the simple “unwritten rules” that are normally overlooked in the negotiations of the final duties of a contract. For example, asking before throwing away something that may be of importance to the business or proactively doing the “little” things that were overlooked in the initial agreement as a courtesy to our clients.

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