Cleaning Service Proposal

What is a Cleaning Service Proposal?

A cleaning service proposal is a selection of information in which we spell out for you the details of our services, and our qualifications and credentials. Our cleaning service proposal includes a list of services we recommend, and a cleaning service price for your consideration. We are confident that with this neatly presented packet of information you will see the high quality of the cleaning services we will provide. Outlaw’s commercial cleaning service is a great value, and choice for all of your cleaning and janitorial service needs.

Components of our Cleaning Proposal:

  • Information about our company, our level of professionalism, and our experience.

  • The range of responsibilities we are to take on. This component of our janitorial cleaning service proposal may include a specific list of responsibilities to be performed by Outlaw’s commercial care service. In addition, we will note the frequency with which these services are to be provided.

  • A checklist for our employees. This should help illustrate, both for you and for our employees, what is required during our visits. Usage of the checklist will ensure all our tasks are performed and no jobs are inadvertently omitted or overlooked.

  • The equipment we are expected to provide. We will provide all cleaning equipment and cleaning products.

  • The responsibilities of the client. The client must provide proper access to electrical power, and to water for proper dilution of our liquid cleaning solutions.

  • Our proof of insurance coverage

  • Our list of references

  • An agreed-upon billing statement. This document will provide details regarding how often bills will be issued from Outlaw’s commercial care service and when payment is expected.

  • Your legal payment agreement

  • Service Agreement – Explains the frequency of services and a terminating business contract.

  • Quality Control Plan – This document gives details as to exactly how we ensure quality in every job we do.


  • Our policies regarding time tracking

  • Our staff recruiting program

  • Supervision policies

We’re Your #1 Choice for All Your Cleaning Needs:

Once you choose Outlaw’s commercial care Service for your cleaning service needs, we will confirm with you the details of our service agreement. Of course, you will have a copy of the agreement to retain for your files and for your employees to reference at any time. This schedule will have within it:

  • Exactly what we will be cleaning. This is the part of the schedule in which you will find your checklist. This checklist is your quality assurance tool and you may reference it at any time. Furthermore, we will utilize the checklist during our random quality checks, with the inspector referencing the checklist as well. Tasks included on this list might be furniture, doors, walls, ceilings, etc.

  • Frequency – How often we will perform the agreed-upon services. We are extremely flexible in terms of your frequency needs. Be it daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, we are the premiere cleaning and janitorial service for fulfilling your cleaning needs.

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